Faith and Marriage Ministries

I remain steadfastly focused on what God has called me to do today, while I put my faith in Him being absolutely certain that He will work out my marital situation for my good and for the glory of Jesus Christ as He declares in Romans 8:28 and Ephesians 1:3-14.

When seriously seeking God’s will and guidance concerning marriage, divorce and remarriage, we have to start with a clear and accurate understanding of what the Bible teaches to make sure that we have a sound biblical basis for dealing with the important issues and choices we now face. So after reading, studying and verifying what the Bible says for yourself, please seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you take on the difficult and challenging task of standing for the restoration or reconciliation of your marriage; especially when you’re the only one seeking and standing for marriage restoration. This is a matter of serious spiritual warfare, and the only way to have the faith and endurance necessary to win the battle is to have total confidence that you are walking in God’s will, and that you have heard from Him concerning standing for the restoration of your marriage. Then you can rest on His promises and walk in the power of His Word, grace and anointing.

Amen!! Be sure to read her testimony of what the Lord has done as He will also do it for YOU! KNOW the Word of God because TRUST me YOU WILL BE TESTED on EVERY side on this Biblical view both Worldview and The Lord BIBLICAL view…which is only the CORRECT one IF you are SAVED!


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