“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge…” Hosea 4:6 Do not expect people to understand or to support your stand for marriage restoration. .

*I found this writing on the “Standers For Prodigals” page.
It gives an inscription of what this site represents. *

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A Quick Start Guide To Standing –

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge…” Hosea 4:6

“Do not expect people to understand or to support your stand for marriage restoration. God has given to you, not to others, the assignment and the burden to stand with Him and to pray for your spouse. Because of this, you must always look to God, and not to people for your support”.

“No other human can tell you the exact day your prodigal will repent and come home. We know of too many good standers who have been almost destroyed when someone traveling through town prophesies an exact date for restoration, and that date comes and goes without anything happening. The date is God’s business and not man’s. As a stander, you need to live every day as though today was your day of restoration. Wake up every day looking down the front walk and asking God if this is the day”?.

“Regardless of why your spouse left home, and in spite of what they are saying, most prodigals become involved with another person during their far country experience. Do not be devastated if that happens”.

“No matter what professional-sounding tag has been attached to your wayward spouse, the bottom line is that every husband or wife who has ever walked out on a marriage have all done so because of sin. Your beloved might have a sex, substance or selfishness problem. They might have been diagnosed, often by a professional who has never met them, with a chemical imbalance, bi-polar disorder, or mid-life issues. Regardless, they still have a sin problem. Marriages are healed when spouses stop making excuses with man’s terms and start dealing with their mate’s sin problem in the prayer closet. (Does it strike you as strange that someone can attempt to diagnose your spouse without ever meeting them”?)

“Always remember, this is not about coaxing or manipulating your prodigal spouse back home so that you will be happy. It is a life or death battle for the eternal destiny of your prodigal’s soul. The end result will be life eternal, in Heaven, or a life in Hell, depending on what your beloved does with Jesus”.

“Your stand is about much more than you and your spouse. It is also about your family, your circle of influence, your future generations, and even people you may not even know who are silently following your example”.

“Always remember that this is a spiritual battle, and spiritual battles are won with spiritual weapons. Your following someone’s secular program in hopes of marriage restoration is like going into war in Iraq armed only with a toy water pistol”

“In most instances, your prodigal spouse is better off living in their home than outside. We understand there are safety and health factors that must be considered, but forcing them to leave the family home is often turning them out to satan’s playground. As long as they are in the home, you can better detect your
mate’s spiritual needs and thus pray for them”.

“Expect every area of your mate’s life to change as they silently seek relief from the torment the enemy is bringing their way. Do not be wiped out by job changes, moves to distant places, new hobbies and attractions, or even an often-forced attempt to legalize their adultery by entering a non-covenant marriage to another person. If you are standing strong, God still considers you to be married”.

The day that you promise God that you will stand for your marriage, you become like a lightening rod for attacks from the enemy.

Reference used
B. Stiencamp


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