Prayers For Mothers

Prayers For Mothers

Father, today we celebrate and give thanks for mothers, and come before You and ask for a mighty move of Your Holy Spirit in their hearts, minds and spirits. Lord, may they realize, understand, and respond appropriately in accordance to the very significant role they play in the lives of their children. Father, may they know and understand that what they do and don’t do today has consequences in the lives of their children; not only today, but for the days, years and generations to come. Teach them to live and speak blessings, and not curses into the hearts, minds and lives of their children, Lord. Draw them into a closer walk and relationship with You, Father, and help them learn to be the mothers and women You created them to be. Teach them to love, honor and respect their husbands to bring glory and honor to Your name, Lord, and peace and security to the hearts and minds of their children. Continually renew their minds and give them an unquenchable thirst and hunger for You and the meat of Your Word. And lead them to walk in the light of YOUR ways, so that their hearts and minds ALWAYS seek after You.
Lord, we especially ask You to send forth the supernatural, awesome power of Your Holy Spirit today to move and be manifested in the hearts, minds and lives of mothers who have been led astray as the cleansing and renewing power of Your righteousness and unconditional love washes over them. May the wonder of Your mercy and grace fill their hearts as through the work of the Holy Spirit, You direct their paths and turn their hearts back to their husbands and homes.
To that end, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus, and in the authority of Your glorious name, we loose every mother from the yokes and bondage that have kept them captive to the will and purpose of Satan, which we know is only to steal, kill and destroy. So in Your most awesome name, Jesus, we declare that these mothers will live for the glory of God and bind wisdom, understanding and truth to their hearts and minds. We bind them to the authority of Your name and cover them in the saving power of Your cleansing, life-giving blood! We speak righteousness, purity, holiness and the power and perfection of YOUR Word and purpose into their lives! And we thank You, Lord Jesus, that they are indeed the mothers and women of God You created them to be. We thank You that the word of their testimony will be used to overcome and defeat every plan and work of the devil, and that the word of their testimony is that of women who love, honor and respect their husbands! We thank You that the word of their testimony is that of mothers who love and nurture their children, and live as examples leading them to spiritual understanding and the saving knowledge of You! And we thank You that they recognize and respect their husbands as the spiritual heads of their households as You always intended! We thank You that Your Word promises us the keys of the kingdom of heaven and that You have given us authority so that whatever we bind here on earth IS bound in heaven, and that whatever we loose here on earth IS loosed in heaven. And, oh precious Lord and Savior, we thank You for Your absolute promise that the gates of hell will Not prevail against us, our families or our marriages! And we thank You for Your promise that NO wisdom, NO insight, and NO plan will succeed against You!

We love You, Lord Jesus, and ask You to make us the husbands and fathers You created us to be. Let our lives so shine before others, especially our wives and children, that they will see You in us and be drawn into Your saving knowledge, and let everything we do be in full accordance with Your purpose and for Your glory. Keep us grounded in Your love and true to Your Word. And let us always be worthy and yielded vessels for the furtherance of Your kingdom, and always an instrument for Your praise, honor and glory!

All these things we ask and give thanks for in the omnipotent, righteous and holy name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior! AMEN!


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