The Lessons and Keys I found on my journey!

The Lessons and Keys I found on my journey!

I will share with you the stages of my own journey. I am sure you will find some similarities in yours:

First, I cried like a baby. I had to keep a pair of sun glasses everyone; at my car, at work, at home, in my purse. I wanted to retell my story to everyone I saw, even strangers. Soon I realize, people did not want to hear me out anymore. They would avoid my phone calls, avoided visiting me, avoided me, period. I soon realized this too was in God’s plan. While I had the attention of people I was not going to God for help. The first key I found in this journey was that God wants me to depend only in him and stop depending on others.

Second, I found out that while people avoided me God was longing to have a relationship with me. The second key I found was prayer. Through prayer I was able to keep a constant communication with God. He never got bored or tired of listening to me. Not only that, but he was actually able to intervene and help my situation. As I began to pray to God I began to see my circumstance change. Sometimes in my natural eyes, things appeared worse, but as I trusted and waited on the Lord, I realize that God works in amazing ways. He can always work things out for our best interest.


Another thing that I learned was that God can speak to your heart and guide your every step. The third key was actually a set of keys combined I found out that God has several resources he uses to talk to people. These are some of the resources that God let me to that help me in my quest to His will in my life and the purpose for my trial:

Reading the Bible Daily


(Subscribe to become a Prayer Warrior at the bottom of this page. Then, go to our Prayer Guides Page and read the prayers.)


(abstaining from food, skipping a couple of meals while in prayer) This keeps your spirit sensitive to God’s voice. You can ALSO FAST T.V. or other things that you love in the flesh.

Memorizing Bible Scriptures.if God puts it in your heart to donate for this ministry, by all means do so.

Be sure that you are WITH LIKE MINDED CHRISTIAN STANDERS-STANDING ONLY for 1st Cov. Marriages. Why? Because 2nd and 3rd are not Biblical but Worldview Standers. I have more info on that if necessary to clear that issue up for you in one scripture with no debate!


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