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Bio: If you are STANDING for your 1st and ONLY Cov Marriage...Please help us pray for others just like you! Its time to take a stand against Cov. Marriages ending in Divorce!! Are you called to STAND and Pray for your Marriage? Please know that you are not alone. Find our main Ministry Blog @ http://www.Seentheglory.blogspot.com Have you been told to GIVE UP? Move On...told that its HOPELESS? Are you feeling HOPELESS and at the end of your ROPE? Are you Standing on the scripture that you are NOT FREE to Re-marry? Welcome to our community/international blog page of prayer as we all PUSH through this Journey and WALK together. If you need encouragement...or willing to pray for others and give them encouragement and courage to STAND...COME JOIN US! God Bless your walk and BE encouraged right now...this is not by accident that you have found us at this very time and SEASON in your life! Many here are seasoned standers and have walked through what you have walked through and some at an even GREATER degree!! Trust Him and let us AGREE in PRAYER for YOU.... Your family and MARRIAGE!! Be sure to also join us on FACEBOOK or http://www.Seentheglory.blogspot.com God Bless and please know that our team is praying for YOU 24/7.

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